Best Practices for Advertisers using META
A lot is changing for advertisers as Facebook continues to roll out Meta as a new and improved advertising platform. As we see daily at Get Fish Slapped, an agency specializing in social media marketing, the world’s most active social media platform* is ever-changing and it is critical to our business and our client’s success that we stay on top of changes and best practices as Meta evolves.


Meta boasts they have an advertising audience of 2.11 billion people, with an audience of at least 180.1 million of them in the United States. With so many potential customers relying on Meta on a nearly daily basis, the reach potential is exponential and a no-brainer for companies to have a presence and to be advertising here. 


To be a part of Meta’s ever-growing population of users, you must create a personal account. Using your personal account, you will be able to access many features including the ability to advertise and manage multiple business pages. If you are advertising for multiple companies, running Senior Living ads or just new to Meta and creating a profile you will need to verify your identity. You can check to see if you have already completed this process using Meta’s Id Hub.  Another reason you may be asked to verify your identity is when running ads about social issues, elections, or politics. Visit the Business Help Center to learn more about ads with political and social content. Meta has established these procedures to promote authenticity and legitimacy.


Safety First:
The first and foremost ‘best practice’ is to secure your personal account with Two Factor Authentication. This is a basic measure that ensures when advertisers are interacting with multiple different pages and ad accounts that they are securing their personal credentials as well as the company’s credentials they are representing. This process takes place while creating and managing pages and ad accounts safely. 


When managing pages as an agency or a Senior Living provider, it is also very important to set up and manage page roles. This is an essential tool that helps secure your account by controlling user access and permissions for everyone who works on your ad accounts, pages, and apps. This allows for the page owner to maintain ownership of all of their assets without giving up control or password sharing.


When you assign roles to each person make sure they have recently gone through their personal page’s website and apps access. These guidelines can be accessed by selecting your personal pages settings tab and then selecting security and login. Make sure that there is no suspicious activity and delete any unwanted or unused apps or websites with permission or access to your information.
There are also other features to help protect your personal account from being compromised located in the left side menu of Keeping Your Account Secure.  Doing so ahead of giving out permissions and assigning page roles, can avoid any malware, apps, or websites from gaining access to any accounts or assets. Navigating these safety features can be tricky but necessary to achieve success in advertising on Meta. Keep in mind that these are constantly changing policies and periodically seeking out the newest information is strongly advised.  
You can learn more about Meta best practices by clicking on the following link and requesting a free consultation: https://getfishslapped.com/services/


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