Millennials get a bad rap but are an incredibly unique generation. Millennials are the first generation to really see the home computer setup; we are the last to truly play outside until the streetlights came on, we are the poorest and yet the most educated. Due to the fact that we, for the most part, grew up with technology, we’ve become a relatively tech-savvy generation, but we’ve also grown up with a variety of collective traumatic events and have become known as the ‘anxious generation’. Because of these factors, millennials will rely more on your digital presence than any other generation. Having a digital presence for your business is vital to its success.

Social media helps build relationships with followers by giving your brand a voice that people can relate to. As a millennial myself, I will almost always Google a business or look them up on Facebook before I decide to use them. I will look at their reviews and how they respond to negativity. I will look at their posts, what they promote, and if they share knowledge and expertise. 

A website that is smooth, updated, and easy to navigate makes it easy for millennials (and others!) to find you. Even if you have a brick-and-mortar location, most customers will search for you and other businesses like yours online. If you lack a presence, you lose potential customers to your competition. 

Millennials usually respond well to honest, clear communication, engagement, social validation and customer service. Be true to your brand – don’t use popular slang if that’s not who your company is. Share your values – millennials are loyal to brands that share their values and work toward a bigger picture. 

More than 80% of millennials are active online, so how much of your potential customer base could you be losing? 

Improving your digital presence won’t happen overnight, but give it time and reap the rewards. Some ideas to help improve your digital presence include:

  • Ensure you have a Google Business Profile
  • Post to your social media regularly
  • Make sure your website is updated and easy to use
  • Utilize paid advertisements online and through social media
  • Create and share videos and photos about your business 

Get a full online marketing team on your side! 🐟 I hope that you found this helpful, Erin.